Revaluation of Restaurante Panoramico de Monsanto in Lisbon

The Panoramic Restaurant of Monsanto, designed by an architect Chaves da Costa, is a remarkable example of modernist architecture of ‘60s in the XX century in Europe. The project Museum of Nature is an attempt to bring life into the whole structure and integrate it with the whole area of Monsanto Forest Park.

Proposal takes into account the solution of the biggest problem of building and location, as well as the possible causes of the decay of this place. Efforts has been made to reduce interventions  to the basic structure of the building having regard to architectural and historical value of the Restaurante Panoramico. Instead, the focus has been on re-design of the functions and re-arrangement of space neglected over the years.

The main, newly designed function is Museum of Nature which brings together the diversity and uniqueness of the wildlife of Monsanto Nature Park and Lisbon City. The biggest attractions of the museum are Trees Room and the exhibition of traditional Portuguese ceramic- Azulejos. The museum is functionally communicated with the other parts of the building where are located: bike and hiking equipment rental, conference rooms, restaurant (restored to the original design), cinema room and viewpoint on the top of the monument.

At each level, visitors can learn about the part of the City and the Park, starting from the contact with nature, through the exploration of traditional crafts, tastes of typical Portuguese dishes, ending with breathtaking views of the whole panorama of Lisbon city. The diversity of functions allows to attract potential users from many different interest groups and creates a self-sufficient, must-see landmark that every tourist has to visit.